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Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) is located under the famous Bailian Pagoda in xizha, on the north side of Qiaoli bridge, close to the Grand Canal of Beijing and Hangzhou, and from the source of Tianmu in Hangzhou to Huzhou in the south. The hotel is connected with Jiangsu in the north, winding northward to the capital, and rebuilt in Tongji Bridge, which was built ten years ago in Zhengde of Ming Dynasty.
Its original name is Wangjingli Inn, which is a boatman Inn specially for the reception of merchants on the canal. Later, because there is a 'xianjinmiao ferry', the local people also call it 'wangjinli Hotel'. Today's wangjinli has become a boutique garden style resort hotel, providing efficient and high-quality services for guests.
The lobby of the hotel adopts the traditional Chinese 'double Pavilion' architectural structure, and the superior mahogany is selected to show you the beautiful artistic conception of winding corridor and shady Cistanche.
The hotel rooms are elegant, precise and spacious; At the same time, there are self-service Chinese (Western) restaurant, conference room and a series of supporting facilities in the store, so that the guests can enjoy the charming slow time tour of Wuzhen.
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FAQs when booking at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area).

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)?

    Each costs cny150 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)?

    The room prices is from cny900, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • Do I need to buy additional tickets to stay at the hotel?

    It depends on whether the room type you booked includes tickets.

Reviews more
  • Nantwang
    In the corner of the scenic spot, the environment is good, it's not crowded, the decoration is good, but the setting is not practical. For example, the bedside table is far away from the bed, and the bathtub in the bathroom can be placed anywhere. Anyway, it's not for the customer's consideration, so I feel like telling others that I have a bathtub. The decoration style is dark, some people like it, some people don't like it, the breakfast is rich, and there are fruits in the evening,
  • Elsa616
    I feel very good, the scenery is good, the service is good, and Wuzhen is the best!
  • jessiewinnie
    OK, very good
  • mylingmengxin
    The big bed room was booked. The room is very large. It's good overall. The hotel has a good geographical location and is quiet in the middle of trouble. The door is the battery station, which is very convenient. But it was the 'cicada' sound. It was really noisy.
  • babyblue24
    The environment was very good. The day of check-in was my birthday. It was a good thing to send cakes, but it was not suitable after 23 o'clock. Of course, I went to sleep with my children
  • lala1208
    Not as good as before!
  • feng28
    It can't be better! Better than big five-star brands such as Hilton and Sheraton. The room is antique and a little modern. It's very new. Especially the service was super good. The male waiters who greeted the guests were really speechless. They took you directly where you were going. The car rushed to help pick up your luggage at the first time. Great love this hotel, super cost-effective, okay? It's really cost-effective to live at 1000 yuan in the scenic spot. And you must live in Wuzhen. You can feel the quiet beauty of Wuzhen in the morning and at night!
  • baogang1974
    Probably because of the return of the tide, the room on the first floor had some smell when I first checked in, and there was basically no smell after ventilation; In addition, the room was very good, the service was of a very high standard, I felt it was very good.
  • e02644363
    Poor Hotel, poor Hotel, poor service attitude, nothing but money, don't expect him to treat customers as God to serve, only consider their own convenience, never consider for customers, this life will not live in such a bad hotel, the front desk reception service Miss Zhang is not worthy of the service industry, too bad.
  • Oromusica
    Very good, elegant environment, matching in place! Worth recommending!
  • garyle
    The hotel is very comfortable and unique, with good catering and service. The price is relatively high.
  • adrianc
  • paady
    Super bad
  • lili jiang
    The sound insulation is too bad, too bad!
  • rain1312
    The rooms are messy, but the corridor design is inconvenient to go to other areas of the hotel
  • dellss
    The hotel is worth recommending. The decoration of the hotel is antique and exquisite.
  • eagles30
    A great hotel! Extremely good service attitude!
  • cylin168
    The west gate of Wuzhen is quiet and comfortable. The room is very big and the facilities are very new. It's very comfortable with the antique surroundings.
  • Irene6836
    It's good in Wuzhen, but such a hotel can't meet the five-star standard. In short, I'm quite satisfied
  • scarjoycre
    Take your parents to Wuzhen. It's a good hotel and breakfast
  • d00488604
    The environment is not good, the location is also excellent, the service is also very good. The first choice for vacation in Wuzhen is that the price is a little expensive
  • e00921702
    It's a very characteristic hotel. It's very beautiful. The room layout is also very characteristic. The service is very good. There are many kinds of breakfast. The room is clean and sanitary, the big bed is very comfortable, and the rest place is very good.
  • ajin0318
    The environment is too good. It's a paradise. It's very comfortable to be stunned in the room or outside. It's just that the air conditioner in the room makes a loud bang in the morning!
  • sunny21cn
    The male employee who answered the phone at the switchboard was not friendly enough
  • lymsfjd
    It's special, but the room is a little small
  • e02125814
    The hotel is very quiet. Old Shanghai songs are playing in the lobby and corridor, with a light and leisurely tone. The space layout of the room is quite good, spacious and bright, the bathroom area is also very large, and the sanitation is also good. The scenery of the courtyard outside the window is very good. I like breakfast, and there are a variety of food. The main thing is that the dishes are clean and refreshing. I will choose this hotel next time I go to Wuzhen.
  • BennyLam
    The room is comfortable, battery car pick-up, very close to xizha Avenue and the bar, but very clean. The super large bathroom is that the curtain between the bathroom and the room is too transparent to stop. There are not many kinds of breakfast, but it is very delicious
  • alexli06
    Very good, very good, very good, very good, very good.
  • lianna
    A very special Hotel
  • lincolngao
    It's a good order for a friend
  • bubaba
  • dirtyegg
    Before the Spring Festival, there are not too many people. It is very comfortable. The external environment is very good. There is a special bus in the scenic spot, the room is relatively large, the service attitude is also very good, and the breakfast the next day is also relatively rich....
  • elainemei
    All 5 points, great travel experience
  • raffle at the end of cri
    The environment and service were all very good. It's located at the bottom! I like the room on the lake very much, but I don't have it
  • LUYI63
    It's a good hotel. It's a little bit too far away, but it's quiet in the middle of trouble. After checking out, the luggage can be directly transported to the service center, which is very considerate. However, when I was sleeping at night, the top spray panel suddenly fell down, which scared me. Please check the hardware installation regularly.
  • Amyga
    The hotel is very clean and the floor is very warm. In addition, there is direct drinking water. The buffet breakfast is very rich. I will choose to stay here next time I go to Wuzhen
  • agui118
    Very considerate Hotel, very satisfied.
  • pommes
    The hotel is located in the innermost part of xizha scenic area, which is a good location for sightseeing. It's very convenient to take a battery car to the hotel, tour from the inner end along the river to the entrance, and then take a boat or go back along the other side. The hotel is so big, the room on the first floor outside the balcony is the lotus pond, which is very beautiful.
  • rgong
    The hotel is clean and warm, and the service is warm and considerate. I feel very surprised when I enter the room. I am very satisfied with all the facilities. I especially like the decoration style. When I open the window, there is the scenery outside. Staying in wangjinli adds a lot to this trip to Wuzhen. Compared with the last B & B in Wuzhen, I prefer wangjinli hotel. Next time I go to Wuzhen, I will choose wangjinli.
  • baby68
    In the innermost part of Wuzhen xizha, there is a level car pick-up. The service is very good and there are many room types. Only ABC is used to describe, so I don't know what to do. Breakfast is medium and there is no swimming pool. Poor sound insulation.
  • yao11
    It's the highest quality hotel I've ever stayed in. The room is full of Kohler's bathroom. Excellent location, quiet in the middle of trouble.
  • DaveCitic
    It's very special. The room has floor heating. Surprise Wuzhen tickets.
  • e01396097
    The hotel has a battery car to deliver breakfast at the bottom of the west gate. It's good that there are not many people staying. Isn't it expensive
  • janyliao
    Living in the twelve constellations, the antique grass chicken is beautiful, and the view is also first-class. Although the price is high, it is worth it
  • eva789
    The service was very good, the room was also very good.
  • freewei
    The room is relatively large, wash with o'shudan, and take a free car to the hotel; The service was ok, the room was not cleaned carefully, the glass of the mirror was not cleaned; From Wuzhen Drama Festival, the price is slightly higher than usual; Boutique hotels are still a little worse than the five-star brand
  • bittercandy
    Very nice hotel. The rooms, especially the bathroom, are very large, quiet, good service and satisfied!
  • lanyi27
    All indicators are very good. There is a battery car to pick up and send to the gate of the scenic spot. I'll order this next time. Highly recommended
  • sn7413
    Everything is good except super expensive
  • clove333
    The hotel is very good, which may be the reason for the basic room type, so the landscape is not very good. Next time, we should book a room with a better landscape. The hotel is cost-effective.
  • abcyou
    I've been here many times. I've stayed in this hotel. The location is good and it's not messy. I like the hotel environment and layout very much
  • goodmen
    The location is a little difficult to find. It's in the comparison. The environment and facilities are quite good. A little nostalgic. There are many kinds of food for breakfast buffet.
  • curley
    The first time I came to Wuzhen, I ordered this hotel. It's located in the west of the scenic area. The room is very big and the service is very good! It's close to bar street.
  • D02040697
    The hotel is not close to xizha No. 2 parking lot, but there is a free battery car, which is very convenient. The service in Wuzhen is very good. It is under unified management. There are not as many and messy tourists as in dongzha. In the water towns of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, xizha is quite good. The hotel is a standard five-star hotel with complete facilities.
  • meiliren
    The hotel is the best in Wuzhen. Experience the atmosphere of Jiangnan Town! I'll stay here next time
  • e00023207
    The scenery is pleasant, the environment is comfortable, you have a good time, and there are all kinds of delicious food and beautiful things. Very satisfied
  • ff3311
    The hotel is very good. It's deep in Xitang. It's very quiet
  • annie_1986
    Very quiet, good service, good environment! Floor heating, comfortable
  • Fox pretty
    The service was very good. I took up my daughter's house and kept it. The fly in the ointment is that the back of the chair in the room is too dirty, and I didn't pay attention to the details. Front desk and store service are all in place. They are always very polite. They are very warm and awesome. The air conditioner is very strong. The 27 degree is still very cold. The room is noisy outside the window. The other basic noise is that the aunt cleaned it very early, and the cleaner motor is strong enough to be the alarm.
  • feng808
    Very good. The hotel facilities are very good and the breakfast is delicious. The only regret is that the speed of serving lunch is very slow. I even urged three bowls of rice twice. Others are still great. I will come here again when I come to Wuzhen.
  • E00191729
    Very good vacation
  • asu110
    The room is a little special, with a small open patio, just can sit smoking, do not have to run outside the hotel. There are many choices for breakfast. The waiter is enthusiastic
  • cyberdb
    The hotel is quite unique. The big bed room B faces south and faces the south. The scenery on the second floor is good both during the day and at night. It is a very charming Jiangnan Hotel.
  • wendylengxueji
    The location and facility is perfect. But the bathroom design (see-through toilet and shower areas) is not very convenient if two friends are traveling.
  • lixj1999
    The service and environment are very good. I'll stay next time
  • e00011653
    The environment was good, the prices were good, and the service was also very good.
  • abdfd
    I feel very good on the whole. I will definitely check in again next time. It's very close to the downtown area on foot, but it keeps a short distance, so it's quiet and undisturbed. The service staff are also very enthusiastic
  • swf098
    One sentence is good, two sentences are good, and three sentences are good. Anyway, good, good.
  • crowninfall
    Very satisfied! The room is big and clean. The service of the hotel is also very considerate. Fruits and moon cakes are given away on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival. In the evening, mosquito repellent liquid and a bottle of mosquito repellent water are given to every guest. It's very considerate. The environment is very beautiful, outside the window is a lotus pond, beautiful. It's also very convenient to go to the scenic area. You can take a shuttle bus or walk to it.
  • e00033841
    It's worth going