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Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang is located under Xizha's famous White Lotus Pagoda, on the north side of Qiaoli Bridge, close to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, and from the source of Tianmu in Hangzhou to Huzhou. The hotel is connected to the north of Jiangsu, meandering north to Beijing, and rebuilt on the Tongji Bridge of the Mingzheng Decade, the traffic is smooth.
Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen (In Xizha Scenic Area) Tongxiang was originally called "Wangjingli Inn". It is a boat house inn that specializes in receiving water merchants on the canal. Later, there was a "Xianjin Temple Ferry". Wangjinli Hotel. " Today Wangjinli has become a boutique garden-style resort hotel, providing guests with efficient and high-quality services.
The hotel's lobby adopts the traditional Chinese "double pavilion" building structure, and selects the finest redwood to show you the beautiful mood of the promenade and the shaded hibiscus.
The hotel's guest rooms are elegant, sophisticated, and spacious. At the same time, the hotel has a full range of self-service Chinese (Western) restaurants, meeting rooms and other supporting facilities, allowing guests to enjoy the slow time of charming Wuzhen.
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  • luboupc
    Good in every way-details of facilities is poor, a very good environment, suitable for homes, attractions are boring
  • goofy
    Very good hotel and warm, winter comfortable hotels will go live
  • sinyama
    Facilities and services are good.
  • e00150254
    Hotel services are good, health is very good, location farther away from the door, but battery is quite easy.
  • Lorren
    Nice, Nice.
  • e00112165
    Rooms are too ambiguous, but no sense of comfort,
  • feifaneu
    Hotel is good, said arrangements with the child Sun room non-smoking rooms, is the lily pond outside the window. breakfast is also very good, the location is also very convenient.
  • caoselen
    At the West Gate area, Suite is definitely large enough, the environment did not have to say very good, and very quiet at night to Wuzhen tour nice
  • mini2716
    Beautiful hotel, great service and peaceful location. Only criticism would be no view of water from a lot of the rooms. If you want a bit more luxury stay here but if being on the river more important then one of the guest houses right on river might be better
  • snow_77_0
    Mao Wa around the Lake, water pillow, Chardonnay with fish play, and ears! worth the short journey-
  • babyyuan1026
    Perfect House Experience, next time you want to come again.
  • bulldog1022
    Helping friend, good feedback
  • ff3311
    Nice location, deep in the West pool, very quiet
  • lilian1300
    Room on the first floor
  • adrianc
    Good to terrific!!!!
  • feverfever
    Trance trance far away from noisy places, location, room facilities very good, Willow fish out of the window, that peace can be realized better Wuzhen. breakfast is OK, agree with some food in hotel restaurant
  • lineamei
    Very satisfied with great
  • xunxun862
    To West Gate three points, front desk registration Hou, sent has East Gate and West Gate of tickets, because House didn't Pack good, on first to has East Gate, scenic is unlikely to, a will on can shopping finished, recommends without boat, is near of. to West Gate Hou five points more has, was also is didn't people contact staying, for with of children is tired and no reception on some angry, last front desk just came in of one service personnel speed speed contact, moments to has reception people, to of is implementation CEO, surname road, is apologized is explained, originalTo we just to he has from scenic to run, halfway Shang front desk said we to East Gate has, so on, we back again received, so Middle some misunderstanding. we live of is in water Shang of independent House, Capricorn, very good, quiet, air good, no other people effect, is satisfaction, especially road Manager detailed of introduced, also additional help we contact set has to Suzhou tickets, thanks has, breakfast varieties many, service personnel is has wink, will help you cuisine you by need things, to a praiseWe still personally delivered our road Manager when I check out, thank you again, overall very good, next time will choose their location. There are proposals in the Western grid should be a two-day visit, in a scenic area, try the snacks, it's worth it.
  • ccstacy
  • ecco12
    Very nice hotel, recommend staying, especially night Wuzhen tourists West Gate and feel good breakfast cereals porridge and drink
  • jingaime
    Environment nice, service is also very good. Lake terrace during the day to feed the fish in the Sun, lounge chair, hair dryer and count the stars in the evening, fushengruomeng.
  • icelily18
    Better overall than pillow water.
  • fanlinj
    Overall good room door opened a little drying can be understood as a whole is made of wood so it is normal for the roof. thank you, staff is very active to help us carry on baggage. perhaps check out the clean calm enough, my husband found cigarette butts in his bed (looks like I like smoking it) feel something strange ... ... Drinking well room is great, Oh? Like creamy sliced bread for breakfast is enough time for breakfast serviceOfficers whispered past to remind us that if requests for more food to give them enough praise? Disadvantages shower of transparent glass with a layer of gauze if you are bringing their children to the less convenient. Will stay again and recommend friends to experience the stay!
  • jj2932
  • jopyp
    Very nice, check in time is too late.
  • aigou1969
    Hotel is located in the West Gate area, access is available with room card take a scenic tour (golf course is the kind of car battery), which is very convenient. hotel breakfast is also very good, taste good. next time you come to live here.
  • alwinyao
    That's good
  • a339354237
    Hotels in Wuzhen is not cheap, but hotels don't have a flavor of the area.
  • amydj424
    Good hotel, facilities and services are good
    Very good hotel
    Hotel, service, room facilities, must play five minutes, although the price is not cheap, but good value for money, highly recommended
  • e00159213
    Wang Jin Li hotel service very attentive, no-calls before check in time and prompt can transit luggage reception Guide, hotel staff leading the way, introducing hotels and scenic spots to play hot, recommended restaurant, guest service is also very good when you leave the hotel, there are items left behind will contact guests. the hotel room very comfortable, big, back under live here
  • e05402875
    At the West Gate area, rooms very unique, the service is also very good, baby left her remote home in the hotel's specially sent all five!
  • Collect
    Nice, next time comes
  • liuweilc
    Quiet environment near commercial Street, bars are not far more sophisticated hotel
  • wangwei19910813
    In scenic spot inside, very comfortable and very convenient. wife and kids was pleased with the hotel and the town, next to live here!
  • e01761109
    Environment perfect to just in time, the Lotus blooms a pleasure
  • lingdufengye
    Annual are will to Wuzhen times, each live looked Jin in, but this 12 constellation room also is first times. all are good, just Hotel only to a wash sent liquid and a nursing sent pigment, more than 3,000 more a late of price, on and a broken Europe Shu Dan did? as I playing several phone to rooms service, a female of said only a again to added money! scheduled Shi clearly wrote of 12 a couples room, will, couples between is to a guest live? is all are money! bad! money many lane fullGas! don't go!
  • Irene7702
    Breakfast, location, service very good. it is worth staying at Service Center staff is very efficient, able to quickly solve practical problems for customers, thank you! Make a small suggestion to the hotel, but for now it is actual hotel room only a child, but many Chinese families now have two children, impossible to go out with only one child, and the hotel rooms were very large indeed, two kids totallyNo problem, we wish to improve, stay was very pleasant.
  • maxiaoya316
    Good location, price
  • feifuman
    Environment is very good, location is located in the town center where convenient, service attitude is good!, especially breakfast, child like, because there is little town for breakfast, eat to go for a walk in the hotel is definitely a good choice!
  • e00105913
    Which is very nice
  • a5504
    In black under has 2 late, select looked Jin in is on of ~ see has zhiqian other user of poor assessment staying zhiqian also heart font of, results from door entrance began do staying up on has been very satisfaction, Hall in do staying of when waiter to has we a Zhang tour map, also put front desk of location and hotel of location are carefully of to I painting Shang, also reminded we can has free of touring car directly sent to hotel, to has Hotel yihou only know, not just staying and away from shop Shi hasTour buses, usually as long as the room card can ride free of charge at any time, hotel inside the West Gate, quiet no noise, out of tour buses also have ferry, it is very convenient. To the hotel got out of the car, someone help me carry my luggage all the way to your room, and along the way give us the restaurant location and room facilities, very attentive, and the bathroom large =v=, open the Windows is a lily pond, Mei da ~ when you encounter all the way servicesWill be greeted with a smile, Wuzhen unified management is really a great feeling great, from arrival to departure to excursion by boat, asking the way, checked baggage, everyone's attitude is very kind, without any unpleasant experience from beginning to end, there's a chance to come here again ~; buffet breakfast very good ~
  • iMOEMO
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • e01253988
    Super super nice! cost-effective-Lamborghini hotels in Suzhou garden view room than I am cheap! good service attitude! use shampoo occitane, hahaha, breakfast variety, again with my parents to travel! opened the window is full of Lotus-super good! top!
  • ammaretto
    Good location, convenient transportation, good service, nice, especially lily pond outside the window.
  • bigtial429
    Overall a good environment, is scheduled to provide the room location on the Internet is bad
  • buddy
    Nice necklace forgot in the room and remembered when you call me. thank you for hotel staff.
  • asada
    Hotel feel good! than expected, very clean! quiet! feels especially good living on the water!
  • tammy8567
    A very good hotel, good facilities, in the scenic area of the innermost, very close to the bar, the next time you will choose this hotel