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Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) is located under the famous Bailian Pagoda in xizha, on the north side of Qiaoli bridge, close to the Grand Canal of Beijing and Hangzhou, and from the source of Tianmu in Hangzhou to Huzhou in the south. The hotel is connected with Jiangsu in the north, winding northward to the capital, and rebuilt in Tongji Bridge, which was built ten years ago in Zhengde of Ming Dynasty.
Its original name is Wangjingli Inn, which is a boatman Inn specially for the reception of merchants on the canal. Later, because there is a 'xianjinmiao ferry', the local people also call it 'wangjinli Hotel'. Today's wangjinli has become a boutique garden style resort hotel, providing efficient and high-quality services for guests.
The lobby of the hotel adopts the traditional Chinese 'double Pavilion' architectural structure, and the superior mahogany is selected to show you the beautiful artistic conception of winding corridor and shady Cistanche.
The hotel rooms are elegant, precise and spacious; At the same time, there are self-service Chinese (Western) restaurant, conference room and a series of supporting facilities in the store, so that the guests can enjoy the charming slow time tour of Wuzhen.
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FAQs when booking at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area).

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area) accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)?

    Each costs cny150 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Dockside Boutique Hotel Wuzhen(In Xizha Scenic Area)?

    The room prices is from cny900, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

  • Do I need to buy additional tickets to stay at the hotel?

    It depends on whether the room type you booked includes tickets.

Reviews more
  • boc1478
    It's very good. The hotel rooms are very modern. It's better than expected, but the design of the breakfast restaurant is unreasonable, and the location is too few
  • licuanli
    The room is very big, the environment is also very good, very quiet, there is a battery car direct to the hotel. The environment of the breakfast restaurant is also very good. Wuzhen various supporting facilities are very perfect, it is worth going again!
  • Erev Shel Shoshanim $ $
    It's really good! Quiet, convenient and good service! There are not many kinds of breakfast
  • guoyingying1983
    It's a great hotel. I'll choose it next time!
  • CD Sunny Doll
    I stayed for 2 nights. It was very quiet. On the second floor, the lotus pool was on the window. The door is the battery station, next to the bar street.
  • papayaxi
    Antique, nice hotel
  • jl_love_yy
    The hotel is very new, the environment is very good, and breakfast is OK, but there are not many kinds. It is also very close to the street in xizha. There is a tour bus at the door, which is very convenient. The only drawback is that the hotel has no gym.
  • Angela1392
    The hotel is very modern, which is a little disappointing! Not as distinctive as other Wuzhen hotels! But the service attitude was pretty good! Easy access!
  • crmao1999
    Hotel room is very big, unexpected luxury, 2 meters bed, super toilet, location in the scenic area, super value, highly recommended!
  • smartfox624
    It should be regarded as the hotel with the highest satisfaction and good cost performance. The only drawback is that there are few kinds of breakfast
  • e00124182
    When I went to Wuzhen for the first time, the location of the hotel was a little off track, but the decoration of guest rooms, lobby and public area facilities were very clean and beautiful. Breakfast was also satisfactory~
  • dududada
    Just one word, good service, good living environment, good buffet breakfast, very satisfied
  • flyflow
    The hotel has a shuttle bus directly from the entrance of the scenic spot, which saves a lot of roads. It is Bailian temple and bar street. The hotel has a quiet environment, comfortable rooms and good service attitude. I will choose next time.
  • iceperiod
    Good service, good environmental protection, good hygiene, good breakfast.
  • gat007
    Yes, I will choose this hotel next time.
  • jjg12345678
    not bad
  • e01994138
    The location of the hotel is very nice and quiet. There is a tour station at the door. The waiters are polite. The room is big and tidy. There are many kinds of breakfast and it tastes good. I will choose wangjinli next time.
  • a339354237
    The hotels in Wuzhen are really not cheap, but the hotels in the scenic area still have a different flavor.
  • allan958
    The hotel is very good. The west gate of Wuzhen is a sample of the ancient town. The hotel is a sample of Wuzhen. It will come again
  • e00153629
    Very good, the service was also of a very high standard!
  • e00112165
    Room decoration is too ambiguous, but there is no warm and comfortable feeling
  • aaronjiejie
    The environment is good. The bathroom is very big. I wish the price could be cheaper
  • ATP501
    The hotels in the scenic area are quite convenient. The hardware and service were very good.
  • E04422412
    very good
  • yepesong
    The hotel is located in xizha scenic area. The environment is very good and the service is very warm and considerate. It's very convenient to take a boat or go out for dinner. The only disadvantage is that the air conditioner is really loud.
  • aioros
    Not bad. I ordered it for the boss
  • bellagrapes
    that's OK
  • danree
    I stayed in for the second time. I like the style of the hotel. I stayed for two consecutive nights this time and chose different room types. I especially like the high-grade big bed room (it seems to be the name, ha ha). I just like the slow-paced life in Wuzhen. I stayed in the room in the afternoon and pulled the rattan chair on the balcony a little, so I can better enjoy the small lake view outside the balcony. Soak a pot of newly bought fetal chrysanthemum, sit cross legged and read your favorite books, just like a tea, a book and a world. He watched his favorite video in bed, and I watched my favorite scenery on the balcony. That's it, a beautiful afternoon.
  • Bragelonne
    The choice of wangjinli was very accidental. Unexpectedly, it would bring unexpected surprises because of this accident. The couple room of the twelve constellations was actually on the water. The warm and comfortable environment made our family linger back and forth. The considerate attitude of the customer service staff makes us feel warm. No matter where we are, we will remember the ancient town of Jiangnan Water Town and the warm WANGJIN. Next year, the next year... We will all come here to live, relax and enjoy life!
  • loemer
    Clean and comfortable, suitable for children
  • furfur429398
    I went with my friends for a long time. After all, the house price is not cheap, but I still decided to live in 12 constellation room. My friend is Virgo. When I made a reservation, I noted it. As a result, I checked in as I wished. The service center is a little noisy, but the service of the hotel is up to standard. There is a specially assigned person to meet and see off. 12 constellation room is located on the water surface, the environment is quiet and private, the room layout is simple and fashionable, and there are all kinds of things, especially the surprise is the complete set of bathing supplies. The only drawback is that the air conditioning and heating are relatively poor. When the temperature is adjusted to the highest, the temperature in the room is only 19 degrees. It rained on the day I went there. I felt the unspeakable beauty of Wuzhen in the rain. It's nice to sit in the egg chair on the balcony with friends at night, drinking red wine and listening to the rain. In short, it is a very good travel and accommodation experience, all five points!
  • fanlinj
    The room is generally pretty good. As soon as the door is opened, it's a bit damp. It's understandable that the whole roof is made of wood, so it's normal. Thank you. The service staff took the initiative to help us carry our luggage up and down. Maybe it's not easy to check out. My husband found a cigarette end beside his bed (it seems that I ordered a non-smoking room) and felt a little strange... It's nice to have direct drinking water in the room?? I like sliced bread for breakfast. It's full of milk. The service staff will whisper to remind them that if it's not enough, please give them some more food?? Disadvantages of the shower room glass transparent only a layer of tulle, if it is more inconvenient to bring children. Next time, I will check in and recommend friends and relatives to experience the check-in!
  • acery
    Pretty good
  • liuye8308
    Very good
  • cjaonjdoy
    The room is not very big. There is a problem with the design. There is no table for eating. After breakfast, they all stand. Breakfast is no longer bad. There was almost no service. I didn't even make the bed sheets in a room. The hardware is already 5 stars, and the software is 3 stars at most
  • jilimao
    The environment is very good
  • Natacy
    The hotel is very good, in the scenic area, very convenient.
  • e00356371
    The whole room is OK, but the room is small and the toilet is big. There are already mosquitoes on labor day
  • rannil1978
    When I first came to Wuzhen, I booked the 12 constellations couple room, which is a hotel with the style of the ancient town. The facilities and supplies in the hotel room are very tasteful, quiet and comfortable. The breakfast is also quite good, which is worth recommending. It is a good accommodation experience. Modern Chinese decoration, considering many design details, the overall style is very comfortable. The room floor heating temperature is adjusted too high, resulting in too large indoor and outdoor temperature difference and discomfort. The location is superior, there is a free sightseeing bus, close to the bar street, children's fun hall and white lotus tower. The room is clean and tidy, the area is large, the decoration is antique, there is a small bridge running water, and the washbasin facilities in the bathroom are slightly old, which needs to be further improved. You should choose the fruit carefully. Two of them are bad!
  • doraemon_wx
    Great, it's really good.
  • love8023love
    What's in the bathroom?
  • pavel405
    It was a very good trip. My wife and son were very satisfied with the hotel.
  • emiln
    Breakfast was good and it was quiet around
  • e03299351
    The room is big, the environment is quiet and the service is great
  • ceair625458794
    Beautiful environment, big room, comfortable atmosphere! stick
  • e00043150
    Although Shangri La is listed, it is the old room of Hangzhou hotel! The room facilities are very old, only because it is next to the West Lake, so the price is a little expensive!
  • acrro
    It's a very good hotel. In the scenic area, all facilities are complete and antique. We like it very much. The big bed room B we ordered is very spacious. Facing the river outside the window, the scenery is beautiful! The quality of the waiters is very high. They all serve with a smile. That's great! There are many kinds of breakfast. The children have a good time! I'll come back next time! Enjoy the slow life in Wuzhen~~~
  • Fanlee199
    It's really good. It fully meets the five-star standard: you can take a sightseeing bus at the end of the scenic spot. There are few tourists and it's quiet. The room on the first floor is facing the lotus pond. It's very beautiful. In the water towns of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, xizha is quite good. The hotel is a standard five-star hotel with complete facilities.
  • treeyun
    The environment is very good and the service is first-class. I will stay next time!
  • microx
    Very good. The service was also of a very high standard.
  • liucp52
    1. The hotel staff have a friendly attitude and sincere service. 2. The hotel is located in the west, but it is quiet without crowds. 3. On the whole, the hotel with high cost performance is worth recommending